Acquire Traffic

Who doesn't want quality traffic that performs and generates sales!! 

Who doesn't want to be able to market their offer to a global market place!!

Who doesn't want an equal chance to compete with the big boys!!

Pubs Arena brings the best publishers available from all over  the world to one online venue and gives your business a chance to sell  your products on a pay per performance basis to boost your sales and  increase your ROI. The Arena provides all advertisers the right  affiliate tools to give you the features that enable your business to:

  • Register
  • Track campaigns
  • Track revenue and sales growth
  • Upload and make changes in campaign stride

To make it simple for you as a high-value merchant, the Arena:

  • Assigns you an exclusive Advertiser's Arena Manager (AAM)  who will be available to you 24/7 to help assist and guide you around  the Arena and answer your questions.
  • AAM helps you identify your traffic needs and helps you sign up, execute contracts and set up campaigns inside the Arena.
  • AAM finds the right publisher to be assigned to your campaign.
  • AAM helps you understand all reports, weekly & monthly sales growth & ROI of your campaign.
  • AAM provides you support (i.e. Phone, e-mail and Chat).

Pubs Arena gives you an exclusive login feature to track the  performance and sales for all your campaigns and will customize it  according to your needs.  Handle one campaign or multiple campaigns at  once.

Enjoy our simple and hassle free procedures.

Merchant and advertiser applications are reviewed on a  one-to-one basis to insure compliance with our acceptance criteria. We  reserve the right to deny any merchant application.

Sorry, but we say 'NO' to:

  • Any offer or promotion that does not adhere to required FDA and FTC guidelines
  • Adult oriented content and/or products
  • Traffic related to money laundering/money transfers
  • Low conversion and/or technically limited platforms
  • Web stores that have gimmicky offers