Ping/Post Lead Generation and Delivery

Campaigns  like payday loans, auto finance, and auto insurance, and new car lead  generation uses ping post software as standard operating procedure. Ping  post is a delivery method for a real-time application that sends only  partial information to the lead buyer, which gives you the opportunity  to accept or reject the lead. The benefit of using ping post-delivery  method is that it helps both lead buyers and lead sellers by protecting  their consumer's information. By only sending the full details to only  the lead buyer that will be able to actually service the customer's  needs.

Utilization of the ping post-delivery method gives the buyer and seller multiple benefits:

  • They send leads that are dynamically priced through the bidding systems.
  • They can use it to isolate and choose the best suited leads.
  • Buyers can get the best exclusive and shared leads to lowers their cost of marketing.